Tanning Lotions & Cream

Professional Tanning lotions help your skin to efficiently absorb the UV light and achieve a beautiful, even tan. They also decrease the need for follow-up sessions by helping your skin to absorb more sunlight. These lotions are crammed full of antioxidants, vitamins, natural oils and moisturisers which work to improve skin conditions. Normal moisturisers will not have the same effect when used on a tanning bed as a lot of these moisturises contain alcohol which will strip your tan dry your skin out.

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Tan Shot
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Exfoliate First

A good tan comes from well prepared skin, for a healthy glow always exfoliate first, use a good quality moisturiser daily, make sure there is no alcohol content as this will strip your tan.  Moisturised skin tans better. Always use a sunbed formulated cream as it is designed to work with sunbeds most of these lotions will be light activated by the UV rays.  They are crammed full of rich moisturising and nourishing vitamins, without lotion sunbeds can really dry your skin out. Lotions will continue to work long after your sunbed session feeding your skin with goodness. The active ingredients  will intensify your tan and increase the production of melanin,

Soleil Tanning Studio

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