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Soleil Tanning Studio is venturing into the beauty industry with exciting opportunities.

We are seeking skilled professionals, including Biab/gel nail technicians, pedicure technicians, lash experts, aestheticians, make-up artists and hairdressers.

To rent shared open space or one of our two treatment rooms follow the link below.


Dry skin won’t tan well, it’s important to maintain good skin condition by using a tanning lotion before UV exposure. As well as moisturising, you should use good tan extenders after showering.

The tanning lotions are packed full of great nutrients that will enrich the skin and stop it from drying out whilst on the sunbed. All the lotions have ingredients in that will help the body produce natural melanin which in turn tans you. It’s important to keep the lotion on as long as possible to let the lotion condition the skin and continue to work.

There is a variety of lotions available.

  • Accelerators, bronzers and tingles
  • All lotions will have accelerators in.
  • Some will have all of the above in
  • There are a variety of different bronzers available too
  • Our tanning consultants are all product knowledge trained and will offer you the best possible advice
  • We will always advise on tanning times and will make sure customers are tanning Safely

There are many reasons why our customers tan. Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Exzma
  • Sad
  • Feel good
  • look good
  • Actor / tv show need to be darker

We very happily give the occasional free course to help a exzma or psoriasis sufferer. If this applies to you please contact us.

This very much depends on your skin type, which can’t be assessed without seeing you in person.

We practise safe tanning so would recommend you visit the salon and any of our trained tanning consultants will be happy yo guide you.

You will need to register . If you are an existing customer you will need a to enter your email address and PIN number and then you can enter into your account

If you have forgotten your pin you will need to phone 02476850007 for a pin.

 You can only book a sunbed for a time after an hour, any bookings before will need to be done by phone. It may be your email address is incorrect or missing, or wrong pin. Please phone to verify the details 02476850007. Please do not register if you are already a customer as this will create a duplicate account. Just phone. 

Yes you do. Tanning lotions have accelerators in which help your body produce melanin which is what tans you.

The lotions are specifically designed for sunbeds, so have all the right nutrients and vitamins to keep you moisturised and in good condition.

You wouldn’t tan in the sun without a lotion so why would you on a sunbed?


Yes you do, eye protection will protect your eyes from the UV rays.  your eye lid skin is very thin and simply closing your eyes will not protect your eyes.

You only have one pair of eyes so protect them.

All courses apart from unlimited courses or unless otherwise stated will last exactly 6 months and expire at the time they were purchased at, 6 months ago. 

No, please remove all make up.
Make up has oils in which may in turn burn your face.

Some make up and creams have spfs which will prevent joy from tanning.

We advise you don’t as the metal can get hot! I’m sure you will not be wanting any white marks.

No you must only use lotions designed for sunbed use.

You will stand a risk of burning yourself as they may have oil and alcohol in, After continous use alcohol will actually dry your skin up and these ingredients don’t have tanning accelerators in them.

Yes this is a great idea it stops your lips drying out, keeps your lips hydrated and in good condition.

Yes, as long as they have not expired, you may buy a course of 60 minutes or more and they can be transferred over for a further 6 months.

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