The new Prestige Bluevision uses the power of blue light! The Ergoline Prestige Bluevision is the first model ever to combine the latest UV technology with the power of 120 Activating Light LEDs. Blue light activates the whole organism and prepares the skin for tanning. This enables particularly intensive direct pigmentation. For an immediately visible wow!

With Personal Sunstyle you can choose from three individual tanning programmes – from gentle to intensive. The standard comfort features including Climtatronic PLUS, Surround Cooling PLUS, Cinematic Sound, Voice Guide and Aqua Fresh & Aroma guarantee maximum tanning comfort. For an all-round relaxing break.

• Bluetooth
• Body Lamps: 52 x 200w
• Face Lamps: 4 x 520W
• Activating Light Technology
• Selectable UV Intensity


Prestige Lightvision stands for an intensive tanning performance with skin caring Radiance Complete. Over 200 Radiance LEDs care for the skin and improve tanning results through stimulated oxygen production. The innovative light technology is certified by Medical Active.

Depending on the studio philosophy, there are two facial tanner technologies to choose from: Ultra Performance Plus for intensive direct pigmentation or Smart Light Performance (SLP) with an additional Radiance component for a particularly long-lasting, natural tan. Personal Sunstyle offers a desired tan at the touch of a button. Of course, Ergoline’s top model is always equipped with a complete comfort package that leaves nothing to be desired. Pure luxury!

• Optimised Radiance LED reflector system
• 4 smartsun UVB-Spaghettis for the face
• Optional: Smart Light Performance (SLP)
• 14 smartsun PLUS-lamps for the body
• Radiance Complete with over 200 High Performance LEDs

Tone While You Tan

If you’re looking to improve your fitness, and tone your body while you tan, the Opal Fitness stand up has a vibro-plate with a different selection of intensities, using vibration technology. The vibro-plate conditions your body, giving you a workout in half the time as the gym.

The aqua-spray upgrade will keep you cool and refreshed while you tan. The bed comes fully loaded with a 3D music system.

The Opal boasts 49 tanning lamps and a state-of-the-art air-circulation system. The ventilation system is efficient and powerful. The Opal Fitness has two modes of ventilation- body ventilation to make tanning more enjoyable and lamp ventilation system.

This unique combination ensures that the lamps are working at an optimum temperature allowing you to get an even healthy tan.

The Ergoline is equipped to leave skin looking and feeling amazing. With rainbow lamps this model gives your skin the boost of vitamin D it needs without the risk. The Ergoline also helps to boost collagen production. This tightens the skin, reducing wrinkles by 25% and improving the appearance of your skin. For enhanced moisturisation, better melanin production, and a more effective tan. The Ergoline provides the best combination of tanning and beauty treatments.

💙: Positive energy – thanks to the antibacterial properties of blue light, it can help blemished skin and assists the regeneration process.
💚: Well being – Proven to reduce stress and have a calming influence on our mind.
❤️: Beauty – Red light reaches the deeper layers of our skin where the collagen and elastic fibers are found
💛: Joy – The special UV -B light content increases the production of Vitamin D is responsible for regulating the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorous and promoting healthy immune system function.

• Body Tubes 42 x 160W-180W
• Vitamin D 4 x 80W p2
• The Rubin Collagen Booster: 160 LED


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