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Soleil Tanning Studio is venturing into the beauty industry with exciting opportunities.

We are seeking skilled professionals, including Biab/gel nail technicians, pedicure technicians, lash experts, aestheticians, make-up artists and hairdressers.

To rent shared open space or one of our two treatment rooms follow the link below.

Power Tan Ultima Quad Hybrid

(3 customer reviews)


24HR Tan Accelerator with Skin Pre-Biotic & Vitamin D in Fresh Peach

Quad Hybrid 24HR tanning accelerator is one of the most powerful and advanced tanning formulations to date. It combines a Quad 4-Active tanning complex to deliver spectacular, long lasting, tanning results and helps to repair and rejuvenate your skins natural micro-biome. 24HR Algotan mimics the effect of natural sunlight and keeps on tanning you without the need for UV light. Active Skin Prebiotic promotes healthy skin while free radical anti-aging ingredients prevent skin dryness and help any underlying skin conditions.

Fragrance: Fresh Peach

3 reviews for Power Tan Ultima Quad Hybrid

  1. Millie

    Non stop black was good but this wipes the floor with it. Superb lotion

  2. Max

    Can’t believe I found such an amazing tanning lotion that works so well

  3. Maria


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